Premium WordPress Secure Backup

Don't Get Stuck Losing Your Website Back It Up TodayLosing your data is painful. There are tons of services out there that make backing up your computer data extremely easy and pain-free.

But what about for your Website? Is it being backed up? If your site gets hacked how are you going to get everything fixed?  To make matters worse, many hosts don’t provide incremental backups for the sites they host. So if your site is hacked or deleted you’re out of luck and have to start from the beginning.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to risk losing everything  if your site is hacked or somehow lost.

Goldstein Media has a solution to keep your site safe and if anything happens to it, restore it to its previous glory, often within hours of being notified of the issue.

Why Should You Choose Goldstein Media To Backup Your WordPress Site?

Secure Premium WordPress BackupAnyone who does their research will find that there are a plethora of WordPress backup plugins on the market. They range in price from free to a few hundred dollars for a single license. But many of these plugins are hard to setup and don’t always backup everything you need. Your site will be backed up and ready for you when you need it*.

How Much Will This Cost?

Since every Website is different and the individual needs of the Website owner vary, Goldstein Media offers a number of different plans to choose from.

  • Price
  • Detail
Monthly Backups
  • $10/month
  • Perfect for sites that aren’t updated as frequently.
Daily Backup
  • $18/month
  • Perfect for sites that are being updated frequently.

* Site restoration fee may be charged per restoration.