Company Info

Goldstein Media LLC was conceived in 1998 in the earlier years of the Web site design revolution by Seth Goldstein. Seth fell in love with the idea of personal expression and the profitability of Websites. Back then, sites were just basic HTML and graphics. As the years went on, Seth’s love for the Web grew as did his fascination with Web design.

Over the past 10+ years, Seth has designed Websites for a variety of companies as a contract designer. In 2007, Seth finally decided it was time to bring Goldstein Media LLC into reality.

Mixing classic simplicity with subtle and sometimes bold elegance, Goldstein Media LLC strives to bring companies of all sizes into the 21st century with their own unique presence on the Web.


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Why should you choose Goldstein Media LLC?

You will be provided with a personalized proposal of our vision for your site at no cost to you. We will quickly and efficiently complete your Web site in a timely manner, so your business can start to profit from the new online exposure.

We promise each and every customer individualized attention and the quality needed to produce a professional customized Web site. Everyone at Goldstein Media LLC is passionate about what we do, and we bring that enthusiasm to every project we take on.

Like the world around us, the Internet is full of prime real estate. But with the Web, there is no end to the creativity. The Internet is the market place of the new millennia, a place where people from all over the world come together to share ideas and trade goods.

Where are you in this new market place? Let Goldstein Media LLC develop your presence on the Internet with our variety of customizable design packages. Contact us today!


Meet Our Team

Goldstein Media’s team enables us to deliver a superior product. With this superstar team we are able to provide our clients with a full spectrum of Internet marketing and Web design services.

Meredith Goldstein has more than 14 years of marketing and business experience. As the CFO of Goldstein Media she works behind the scenes making sure everything works smoothly.

Jody Raines is an Inbound Marketer with a firm grasp on the how to derive ROI from inbound lead generation and Social Media\

Miguel Guerreiro is a Web development maven. There is nothing he can’t build. If you have an idea, Miguel along with Goldstein Media can make it happen.


Mario Block is another one of our developers on staff. He’s been developing Websites for companies for years and hasn’t met a piece of code that he doesn’t know how to hack.

Tom Campbell has writing in his blood. Tom specializes in SEO and traditional copy writing for companies of all sizes. In addition to his writing skills, Tom brings years of management experience to the table, which enables him to get the job done right the first time

Shay Moser

Shay Moser has been a writer for as long as she can remember. She specializes in content marketing for our clients. Shay is also a columnist for Social Media Today, an online magazine about social media.

Chris ChesarChris is our web video expert. He has years of experience producing both Web and traditional video productions for businesses of all sizes. Chris is able to add an extra spice to any Website or a Internet marketing campaign.

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