The Goldstein Media Podcast #1: Getting Started with Twitter

It’s our first podcast for Goldstein Media, which is very exciting. In this edition Seth talks about getting started with Twitter.


Jason Calacanis on Robert Llewellyn's podcast Carpool

Robert Llewellyn, famous for his role as Kryton on the British Sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, runs an awesome podcast called Carpool. He interviews interesting and well known (if not famous) people while driving them around. Brilliant idea. In this episode Jason Calacanis talks with Robert about his background and how he got where he is today.

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Thoughts on Social Media, Social Media Marketing and thought who call themselves experts

Seth Goldstein.Net — Thoughts on Social Media, Social Media Marketing and thought who call themselves experts from Seth Goldstein on Vimeo.

Totally Baaaaaadddd Ass (you'll see why I used a pun) – Sheep Pong!

Check this viral video out. It’s unbelievable.

Tweetdeck and Twitter a perfect combination to get things done and communicate

Jesse Newhart (@jessenewhart) has posted an amazing video on YouTube on how you can get the most out of Twitter using Tweetdeck. Check it out. How do you have your Tweetdeck setup? Post your comments below.

Google Adwords Ranking and Pricing Explained

The Google Adwords team on their blog posted a helpful video on how they rank and price ads. Watch it below. I’d like to hear your feedback and thoughts. Please comment. Thanks!

Beware of what you do. Your actions may hurt your brand

Gary Vaynerchuk had another great video posted today about how a hip/swanky hotel’s brand was damaged because of a decision they made. Never under-estimate the power of social media. Check Gary out on Twitter at @garyvee

I was in Miami last night and we had a little run-in with the hotel, which led to some tweets about the situation, which led to a person changing their mind about using the hotel. Watch as Dave Morin and Josh Elman of Facebook and David Recordon of 6 apart tell the story.

“Every Touch Matters”

Gary Vaynerchuk on Chase Passion not a Buck

Gary Vaynerchuk has a great video about following your passion and not a buck. He talks about how those who are passionate but not as talented as those who are just out for a buck in an industry will still do better because they will put in more effort and in the long run do better. Gary does a better job of explaining. I’d like to hear your POV. Post your comments below:

Google Analytics Keyword Tips from Google


YouTube Tests Downloading of Videos – Free and to Purchase

In the ongoing effort to monetize, YouTube is now testing letting partners offer downloadable videos. Partners can allow downloads for free or for pay via Google Checkout, which requires a fee.

Partners testing the free downloads are educational, including Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley and UCTV. Partners testing the paid downloads include users khanacademy, householdhacker and pogobat.

via YouTube Tests Downloading; Offers Creative Commons – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW).

Image: Search Engine Watch

This is a great way for not only YouTube to make money off the talents of the masses, but also for the masses to be able to finally monetize the viral videos that often take lots of effort to produce.

This downloading capability will also probably spur the growth of more innovation an creativity through re-mashing of downloaded videos.

Another positive point to the video downloading is that it will give Apple’s iTunes a run for its money. Competition is always good.

I know I look forward to seeing where this development takes us. What are your thoughts. Post them below.