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Our very own creative director, Seth Goldstein, has started a new videocast called Screencast Sessions. In these screencasts, Seth walks you through various interesting Internet apps.

Check out the series below.

There’s a conversation happening about your business – shouldn't you be a…

There’s a conversation happening about your business – shouldn't you be a part of it? Small businesses in Bucks County, like their counterparts across the country, need to be on social media and involved with the buzz that is surrounding their shop. Often this is a daunting task. The time and energy needed to use social media correctly and effectively often scares away many small business owners. But with the right tools, strategy and assistance success on Social Media can be attained with little effort, at an affordable price.

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Bucks County Small Business Social Media Assistance
We provide Social Media Assistance to Small Businesses in Bucks County without breaking the bank. Call today 215-315-7932

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How To Get People To Know About Your Non-Profit On Social Media

Social Media for Non-Profits

Non-Profit Social Media

You run a non-profit. You need people to know about it, so your organization can grow. But, you’re struggling to get the word out and find new donors, volunteers, etc. With social media, you have a virtually free resource to reach the people who are important to your organization.

Some techniques to look into are:

  • Create a Facebook page (or make sure your page is up-to-date)
  • Publish relevant useful content
  • Don’t try to sell. Provide value and people will come to you
  • If you must sell, provide much more value than pitch
  • Consider running online ad campaigns (We can help!)
  • Post your content where your audience is
  • Give your audience a reason to get involved

These are just some tips for getting your non-profit found and generating buzz around what you do.

If you’re still not sure how to get started, give us a call 215-315-7932 and be sure to visit this page for more information.

[Guest Post] How Businesses Can Maximize the New Foursquare Tips Feature for Marketing

Shay Moser By Shay Moser

I have to admit, I haven’t been a big Foursquare app user. I barely used it at one time, and then when I’d get notifications of every place my friends were  “checking-in,” I felt creepy knowing where they were at all times, especially if I hadn’t been invited. Nor did I want them to know where in the world I was every day. Since I was OK with no badges and not being the “mayor” of any one place, I deleted it from my iPhone.

Then the new Foursquare app came out, which does not require people to check-in to use it. Instead, Foursquare’s new sidekick, Swarm, takes care of check-ins if you want to use this feature (a little on that later). So I re-downloaded Foursquare as well as Swarm, just in case. As a relative newcomer to Foursquare I knew I’d be unbiased to the changes. And I wanted to learn how brands are using it to benefit their business.

A Quick Summary of the New Foursquare App, with a Side Note on Swarm

Design-wise, pictures extend over the edges of the screen. The four various sections of the app—“Find a place,” “Here,” Tips, and Profile—are divided off and noticeably indicated on the bottom half of the screen. The signature light blue design embellishments are now French rose accents, including the new logo, which went from a check mark to a combination of map pin and superhero emblem.

Feature-wise, Foursquare re-launched as a local discovery service, utilizing its database of 10,000 “tastes” (i.e., groupings of foods, qualities, and things to do) that the company has gathered from its users’ suggestions and recommendations since its inception in 2009. It uses the information as a guide for users to discover places for breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, dinner, dessert, nightlife, shopping, fun, and sights.

Say it’s 4 p.m. on a Friday, and Foursquare is informed from your past check-ins to direct you to a grill and bar’s happy hour a half-mile away. It suggests a place that is providing free appetizers, too, knowing it’s one of your “tastes.” It will also show you suggestions that your friends who use the app have written about the particular place. Similar to Google and Yelp, you’ll also see a list of other local results.

With Swarm, not only can you check-in at the grill and bar once you arrive if you choose to do so. You can also see who’s out nearby, and who wants to hang out later, maybe for dinner and a movie afterward. Since badges and mayor status are frozen in Foursquare, stickers are given in Swarm. You can compete for them with friends who frequent the same places.

So how can savvy businesses leverage the new Foursquare as a location-based marketing tool?

It goes without saying that it’s important to claim your business on the app. This way you can be sure the contact information is correct and update it, maybe add a menu or other location-specific details, connect with customers, and add pictures to complement the ones uploaded by patrons.

Leveraging the Enhanced Tips Feature on Foursquare

Brands have been using Foursquare to add value to people in their area. Businesses have been doing this by sharing inside tips for different places near their establishment. When consumers use the search feature on Foursquare, special tips come up in the neighborhood they’re searching. If you’re a gym owner, for instance, you may have given tips on local restaurant/bars with skinny cocktails and healthy appetizers. The restaurant/bar serving these healthy options may have highlighted local farmer’s markets, such as where they are and when they’re open. While this isn’t selling products or services, it’s engaging with the target audience by adding value through tips.

Businesses can and should still apply these tip techniques to build trust with consumers as well as position their brand as a local expert to their target audience. Now Foursquare highlights the reasons—like low-cal alcoholic beverages and appetizers—customers love their business. Even better, they’ll learn about them through the tips left by satisfied patrons. In addition, businesses can add tips that tell everyone its brand’s best qualities. They’ll show up in a special section of the listing. Plus, they can add discounts and coupons in this area, specifying their time limit—from ongoing to a day, a week, or more. Best of all, customers can help share specials and indicate how long they last.

So let’s review with a local example. Barcade, a craft beer and classic arcade game establishment in Philadelphia, needs to claim its Foursquare listing. Then the owners can add and update all its business information, as well as unlock Foursquare tools like customer rewards, tips, and analytics. To do the same, head over to

These location-based strategies allow local businesses to serve relevant content to the appropriate audience at the best time. Please let us know your success stories using the enhanced tips feature of the new Foursquare. You can even let us know via chat in real time at


Now Accepting New Web Design, SEO and Social Media Clients

Goldstein Media Is Now Accepting New Clients For Web Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PAGoldstein Media is now accepting new clients!

Goldstein Media, a Bucks County, Pennsylvania based Interactive Agency is currently accepting new clients for WordPress Web Design and Development, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, and Social Media Marketing.

Call 215-315-7932 today!

Our Areas of expertise:

  • WordPress Web Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing (Organic and PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (Free and Paid)
  • Local Search (Google, Bing, Foursquare, Yelp, etc.)
  • Community Management
  • Content Creation
  • Blog post distribution
  • Press Releases

and More

Call today (215) 315-7932 and receive a complimentary social media audit on how your business is fairing in social media (a $450 value).

Now is the time to get your company online and found. There’s no better way to do this than with the team at Goldstein Media. We collectively have more than 18 years of Internet Marketing experience to help you succeed online.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today for a free consultation and a complimentary social media audit.


Introducing Social Media Assistance For Non-Profits

Social Media For Non-Profits

We are proud to announce our new program to help non-profits with their social media endeavors.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Messaging
  • Audience Engagement
  • Content
  • Photography & Photo Editing

For more information please visit our special page for this service and fill out the interest form.

There’s Something About Content Marketing

Guest Post By Shay Moser, Managing Partner at To Shay Social

Guest Post By Shay Moser of To Shay SocialOne of my favorite things to do after a long day is watch a classic comedy movie. Amongst the laugh-out-loud films I own, one of my all-time favorites is, “There’s Something About Mary.”  If you haven’t seen the 1998 romantic, gross-out movie, it stars Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, and Ben Stiller.  After watching it recently, while trying to get work off my mind, I realized there are a few lessons content marketers can actually take away.

Zip Up Controversial Content

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, the plot starts out in 1985.  Self-conscious, shy 16-year-old high-school student Ted Stroehmann (Ben Stiller) gets a prom date with the girl of his dreams, Mary Jensen (Cameron Diaz).  Unfortunately, it ends early by a scream-inducing, embarrassing zipper accident.  After all members of Mary’s household and the small community learn about Ted’s mishap, he’s taken to the hospital; consequently losing touch with Mary.

Whenever I watch the zipper scene, I cringe.  Prepare yourself—guys in particular—when you watch it for the first time.  The camera zooms in to show the painful damage.  If you know the directors, Peter and Bobby Farrelly, then you’re aware of their slapstick.  However, shock isn’t always a prelude to laughter, or whatever emotion you’re hoping to pull out of the consumer.

Sharing a bit of exciting content to get your followers talking can increase engagement.  But you’re going to lose Likes and follows if you go overboard.  Consider that good news can spread faster and farther than disasters and sob stories, according to a study by Jonah Berger, a social psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the book, “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.”

Football, for instance, is a passionate topic.  Right now, connecting your brand with preseason is a smart marketing strategy.  Do it correctly—like capture the exciting experience with your brand in the background—and you’ll generate interest and engagement on your social channels.

Do it incorrectly—such as badmouth a particular team—and you will offend your fans, and lose Likes and followers.  Since social media is a public forum, it’s best to keep strong opinions to yourself.

Social Stalk and Share

Something About MaryTo continue the movie plot, Ted is still in love with Mary 13 years later.  His friend Dom suggests he hire a private detective Pat Healy (Matt Dillon) to find her.  Sound familiar?

I compare it to Facebook ads or sponsored Twitter posts to lure your ideal customer.  Once they’ve searched for a product or service similar to what you offer, you stalk them online with ads.  Except you’re supposed to give authentic value with each connection.  Don’t just self-promote.  Give something helpful away for free.  Then they’re more likely to return to develop a relationship with your content and you.

Nielsen research conducted a study for Twitter UK in March, revealing the top ten reasons why people follow brands.  One of the biggest findings: 52 percent follow for useful content, such as special offers or promotions, freebies, and exclusive content.

Be True to Your Brand

Moving into the middle of the movie, Healy finds that Mary is a beautiful, single, orthopedic surgeon and falls in love with her.  He resorts to lying and cheating to woo her.  And he’s not alone.  He learns other men in Mary’s life are being frauds to win her over, too.  Ted is no better.  As the movie progresses, and he enters Mary’s life again, he leaves out the part about hiring Healy to track her down.

This reminds me of brands with pushy sales tactics automated responses, canned sales pitches, and no purpose behind their business.  They just connect for the cash and not because they care to collaborate.  This leads them to force things, or in Healy’s case, get huge fake teeth because it’s what he thinks Mary wants or needs.  Taking the time to not only share your mission and values but also listen and understand your audience will create a genuine, one-to-one relationship built on honesty, trust, and reciprocation.

For companies looking to build or restore trust, the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer identified 16 attributes that build trust, including engagement, namely listening to customer needs and feedback; integrity, such as transparent and open business practices; and purpose, such as working to protect and improve the environment.

I’d like to share how the film concludes and throw in the last content marketing lesson, but that would spoil the ending.  Let’s just say there are always going to be competitors out there trying to win over your clients.  If you don’t follow content marketing best practices, they will, and with their sincere efforts they’ll win your audience’s heart.

Like this post?  Please add your two cents in real time at  There’s no need to register or download this chat app.
Shay Moser (@ShayMoser) specializes in content marketing.  She is a columnist for Social Media Today’s weekly social startup profile (  She also writes for a variety of clients of a Phoenix, Ariz.-based advertising agency, as well as provides copy and ghost writes for a range of national clients.

What Makes An Influencer – Hint It’s Not In The Numbers

What does it take to have infliuenceI’ve been wrestling with the idea of influence on social media. For a while there, there seemed to be a formula, however flawed, for determining influence. It involved numbers:

  • Your Facebook Likes
  • Your subscriber count on Facebook
  • Your subscriber count on Youtube
  • Your Twitter Following
  • Your Kred Score
  • Your Peer Index Score
  • Your Kout Score
  • Linkedin Endorsements
  • and finally what you were writing about and your knowledge.

This, thankfully, is changing. I’ve seen many people, without huge followings or high Klout scores, become influencers in their respective spaces. Regardless of these arbitrary numbers, their content still gains traction and sometimes even goes viral. In my opinion, influence is about what you know and your willingness to share it. It’s putting yourself out there and providing value without necessarily looking for something in return — and passion for what you do. People like Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuk have huge influence, they achieved it organically before all this Klout nonsense. You know why? Their knowledge, their willingness to share and their passion.

What do you think gives a person influence? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

Goldstein Media Will Soon Be offering Hosting Along With It's Web Design/SEO…

Goldstein Media Will Soon Be offering Hosting Along With It's Web Design/SEO Offerings

Goldstein Media LLC is happy to announce that it will soon be offering hosting along with its already popular Web Design and SEO offerings.

Hosting will start at $25/mo and will include daily backups and security monitoring.

To find out more call us today at +01.215.315.7932.

Goldstein Media Will Soon Be offering Hosting Along With It’s Web Design/SEO Offerings

Goldstein Media LLC is happy to announce that it will soon be offering hosting along with its already popular Web Design and SEO offerings.

Hosting will start at $25/mo and will include daily backups and security monitoring.

To find out more call us today at +01.215.315.7932.

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Great Tips To Build The Perfect Website

Inc Magazine has a great article sharing the top 7 strategies to build the perfect Website.

The first tip… don't build it yourself. Hire a firm. Of course we agree, but for good reason. If you have a firm design your site you'll have done right the first time.

Let us know if you want to setup a consultation. We'd love to help out your company.

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7 Strategies to Build the Perfect Website
Step 1: Don’t do it yourself. Go to a great Web design firm, and then follow these tips to make sure it’s a happy collaboration.

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